Using Co-op to Maximize Your Ad Dollars!

By Robert Royer July 17, 2018

Does your business model utilize specific distributors or vendors for various types of products? Chances are you have co-op dollars that can be used towards the marketing of your business. With Q4 right around the corner, the time is now to either use it or lose it!

Most business owners would welcome the thought of expanding their own advertising budget with the help of their manufacturers reimbursing them for part of the cost. Co-op advertising is a partnership between a retailer and a manufacturer to promote brand-name products in the local marketplace. Through the use of co-op programs, manufacturers typically subsidize anywhere from 50 to 100 percent of retailer advertising costs. Co-op funds can be used in many different forms: traditional media, digital advertising, social media advertising, and more!

When I speak with business owners, there are two primary reasons as to why people do not take advantage of their co-op advertising funds even if they know they exist:

First, they feel they do not need to advertise. The issue with this is even the strongest brands will lose customers over time through relocation, competition, attrition, and many other factors. The most successful businesses are typically proactive about replacing this revenue base rather than reactive. For these types of business owners, co-op advertising can be the perfect start to developing an advertising and marketing strategy to funnel in new leads and customers to not only sustain their business but also grow!

The second most common reason I hear is that processing their co-op paperwork can be a hassle and an extreme headache. Some manufacturers purposefully make the co-op process tedious in hopes that the business owner will not spend their co-op funds. For example, some may require their logo be a certain size or may require specific wording in the advertisement. Who has the time to keep up with these varying restrictions from manufacturer to manufacturer? What if I told you there was a program where the business owner doesn’t have to worry about a single step of the reimbursement process?

Here at Affect Digital Media, we have a dedicated co-op specialist who will ensure the spending of your co-op advertising funds is a seamless process and the business owner doesn’t have to oversee it! They will assist in developing potential advertisements that follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, getting pre-approval from the manufacturer on ad creative, getting the billing processed to ensure you get the proper reimbursement, and any other step of the co-op process that is required. We take the stresses of the process off your plate so you can focus on what you do best – making your customers happy.

So don’t leave money on the table AGAIN this year. Take advantage of the advertising you have earned on your manufacturer’s dollar for the inventory you have purchased from them this year. Not using your co-op advertising funds is the equivalent of turning away new leads. 

We at ADM can help with:

•Co-op Accrual Research

•Brand Advertising Opportunities

•Pre-approved Co-op Design

•Advertising Approval Service

•Co-op Claim Documentation

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