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By Emily Weatherly March 21, 2018

On March 20, ADM, this area's only Google Partner, hosted a group of business owners and area leaders at our Victoria office to hear directly from Google staff on the latest developments in video. 

Speaker Bartosz Krupiczojc, Regional Product Specialist, Performance Video for YouTube, started us off, focusing on the topic of taking video from attention to action and how drive measurable results. 

Highlights from Bartosz: Video matters. Video is a richer and deeper medium to move people. Search captures people. Video moves people.

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He shared a brand case study of Purple® Mattress and how they differentiate themselves. By combining humor and science, they were able to clearly demonstrate what makes their mattresses so special. Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 3.07.12 PM.png


Video compliments your campaign. Even strong search campaigns miss many undecided shoppers.

So, how can you win the attention and drive performance?

Three Keys for Video Performance

  1. Scale and precision – reach the right people based on their intent
  2. Win their attention in a low-attention world
  3. Taking action and convert into measurable results


Scale and Precision

YouTube has 1.5 billion global monthly viewers watching over 1 hour per day on mobile phones! They have the viewership to find new customers for you at scale.

Advertisers like you don’t want to reach everyone – you want to reach the RIGHT people – that high-intent audience - in the moments that matter. Since users are spending their time on mobile, ADM can leverage Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, etc. to determine better intent. This means new and improved targeting. With life events, we can reach individuals during major milestones like getting married or moving. Consumer patterns let us reach people with frequent purchasing patterns like convenience store shoppers, frequent restaurant goers, etc.

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Search + YouTube = Custom Intent Audiences

Target people with video ads on YouTube after they’ve typed specific keywords on Google! ADM strongly recommends implementing this strategy. We will apply best practices for this custom intent audience, identifying keyword themes to deliver to specific audience segments.

Does this seem a bit complicated? That’s what we are here for! Let ADM handle your bidding, keyword planning and handle the measurement by providing solid reporting. As a Google Partner, that’s our role. Helping to drive big results by using the right tactics. 

Speaker Ryan Knowles, Global Product Lead, Performance Video shared about driving attention in a low-attention mobile world. We know our drop in attention span has led to more competition than ever before.

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Stats to Note:

80% of users multitask on another device while watching TV.

7 in 10 teens watch 3+ hours of mobile video per day and 2x more YouTube + Netflix than cable.

With society cutting the cord, the solution is clear where your video needs to live. YouTube ads are a full sight and sound pitch for your business to a viewer who’s leaning in to watch. 95% of YouTube ads play in-view and with the sound on! Obviously the more attention your brand receives on this platform, the more efficient results you will see.

With location extensions for TrueView ads, you can drive clicks right from a video to do actions like Get Directions, Read Reviews, Call the Business, See Store Hours and more.

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Did you know you could track online to offline conversions/visits to your location? You can do this with store visits tracking. It tells us how many people viewed your YouTube ad visited your location.

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As always, we are here to answer your questions. As Google Partners, we can help you take advantage of YouTube, taking the viewer from attention to action.

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